We develop projects for hotels

We supply lighting equipment and furnishing accessories for important and prestigious hotels (some of their names are present in the "Past works" section).
We are able to produce different types of components for the furnishing of both small and large hotels (such as chandeliers, sconces, lamps, mirrors, components for beds and sofas, consoles, etc).
We use different types of processing and decoration and guarantee the precise and punctual supply of important quantities and particular items.
We can find ideal solutions for complex needs. Some examples of our past commissions include:

  •  the realization of large chandeliers for prestigious hall (one of these: H. 420 cm, DIAM. 480 cm - chandelier made for the Hall of an important luxury hotel located in Shanghai);
  •  the realization of lampshades in glass and not in fabric for a large chandelier; this solution facilitates the cleaning, maintains the transparency of the light, makes the final product brighter and determine greater originality and particularity.

Everything we have described so far is achieved by guaranteeing a beautiful, functional and durable final product.

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