Interior designers

We cooperate with many important interior designers for the realization of many various kind of projects.
Thanks to the experience of Rosa Masters it is possible to satisfy any kind of requests with very different characteristics like:

  • style
  • size
  • technicals used and different colors
  • addition of particular details such as the use of gold or silver, engravings, mirroring,…

We also provide many different furnishing pieces. We propose our catalogue which is periodically renewed thanks to the introduction of new creations.
Our collections can be totally customized in order to get an original and unique product.
If you have a drawing or even just an idea Masters can realize your own creation starting from them (we can provide the technical drawing too).

The production

For our projects we provide many different kind of articles:

- Lighting products, like wall lamps, standing lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps.
- Furnishing pieces like mirrors, consoles, vases, cups, sculptures, chalices, …
- Decorative elements of different tipologies such as components for the decoration of sofas and beds.

Styles, decorations and techniques

The available variations vary according to many different characteristics:

  • Style: Modern, Luxury, Classical, Floral, Liberty, Decò,…
  • Size: we realize creations of any size (even oversized chandeliers for important and large projects and environments)
  • Techniques of working
  • Colors (solid or transparent colors, many different shades)
  • Addition of particular details such as the use of 26K gold or silver, engravings, mirroring,…

The refined details, the uniqueness of our creations, the originality of our proposals, the precision of our technical details, the many available variations (thanks to a 100% customization service) are some of the fundamental elements that allow us to represent the optimal representative to have perfect personalized products.

How we develop our work

  1. We propose our own collections and give the possibility to totally customize all their articles.
  2. In addition to our catalogue we can realize any kind of personal project. If you have a drawing or even just an idea we realize your own creation starting from them (we can provide the technical drawing too).
  3. We propose the best technical solutions and we can evaluate together which one is best suited to the environment and circumstances.
  4. We offer many different options of customization: you can choose the frame and glass colors (we may provide color sample before the order confirmation), precious details like the use of silver and gold.
  5. We realize the structure.
  6. We made by hand every single glass component.
  7. We pack carefully to allow our creations to travel very long distance and reach their destination intact.
  8. We offer post delivery assistance for any useful information you need or to require spare parts when needed.
  9. We provide on-site installation service when necessary.


Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc, Via G. Ferraris 29, 30038 Spinea (Venezia) Telefono: +39 041 5410868 Fax +39 041 5410868