The connection between evolution and ancient tradition

The techniques we use to realize our creations are the same used by the historical glass Masters in Murano. Our artistic soul is a natural gift who belong to us and cannot be learnt. Our ability has grown out during many years of experience and work. We all have a common passion called “art”.
If art and techniques remains unchanged themselves, at the same time we look for a constant evolution, continuous research for unique and innovative products.

Not just classic works 

Generations are changing, technology is making space and Vetreria Artistica Rosa is not watching. We understand that the market greatly appreciates our craftsmanship and at the same time wants products with a more modern design.

New products with the original artistic heart 

All our products are practically tailor-made for the customer who, taking their cue from the product catalog, asks them to carry out their customization. This approach is what sets us apart as an artistic furnace, even in the production of works with more modern design lines and accompanied by the latest lighting technologies such as LED light points and RGB commands that allow you to change the color of light.


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