The tools we use

To realize our creations we only use our ability and all the tools used by the historic glass Masters of Murano too.
The craftsmanship and handmade production give priceless value to our every single piece.
What is really important for us is to make you understand that over time the technology has changed and evolved but the tools we use every day are not. In fact they are the same “irons” that have always been used since this ancient tradition was born

The name of the tools for glass processing

Some of the names of these tools are: “Borsea” (Borsella), “Taiante tonde” e “Taiante dritte” (Tagliante tonde e dritte), “Pinse” (Pinze) [“Un gatteo”, “Tre gattoi” , “Gelosia”, “Rigadin”, “A spina”], Stampi Ballotton, Rigadin, A Raggio.
The Venetian tradition in general is rich in stories, beliefs and legends.

Handcrafted glass modeling

It couldn’t be the same for these tools and their often curious names. Whenever a glass Master created a new work tool he used to give it a specific denomination based on its use or a specific situation to which this instrument was linked


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