A story of a family and a glass workshop

“Ever since I was a child, the glass has always fascinated me; I easily learnt the “secrets” and techniques of glass manufacturing and the art from Masters of the best Furnaces in Murano.
Passion and experience acquired in many years, constant beauty and perfection research, the ability of transforming glass into a wonderful artwork… This is what I passed on my sons: love for the Art of glass…
Gathered in this passion, we decided to develop and propose our own collections of chandeliers, sconces, and other furnishing pieces; all entirely handmade according to the ancient tradition of Venetian glass art…"

Carlo Rosa

A family of Glass Masters

The Vetreria Artistica Rosa was founded by Carlo Rosa, who passed his passion for the glass art on his sons Denis and Omar.
They together consolidated through time the bases of their company which has become a point of reference for important worldwide projects .
The experience gained over the years makes it possible to realize any type of creation with various technical characteristics (more or less complex).
Ability and creativity are natural gifts that belong to all three Masters. Different original and innovative ideas come together to realize unique finished products.
Ability and precision have always allowed the company not to place limits on creation even when dealing with large quantities or oversized products.
All these features so far listed and the direct contact with the customer offer ample space for customization in order to realize unique custom-made works.

Master Rosa Carlo

Rosa Carlo is a glass Master who has more than 50 years’ experience in the Glass Art. When he was a little boy he started attending the most famous Furnaces in Murano and learnt the craft; here is the beginning of his story in the “world of craftsmanship”.
When he was 9 he visited these important furnaces and lost himself in that world of artistic manufacturing which really fascinated him. His apprenticeship started when he was 12; it developed among important furnaces with name like Barbini, Ferro Lazzarini, Galliano Ferro, Paoli.
Thanks to his natural ability and manual skills, he distinguished himself for his precious creations through time.
He is a 100% true artist who has always dedicated his time to the design and production of new glass artiche, to the practice and creation of glass engravings, painting and music.
The great passion of Master Carlo Rosa has been handed down to his sons Denis and Omar who together have been part of Vetreria Artistica Rosa for many years.


Master Denis Rosa

Master Omar Rosa



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